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Yingkou Hangxing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Sino-German technical cooperation company engaged in R&D, production, and sales of new high-end fire protection materials for curtain walls.
The company was founded in 1998 (Yingkou Construction Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.) and has been established for more than 20 years. In 2009, Yingkou Hangxing Fireproofing Technology Co., Ltd. was established. In 2015, the company upgraded the fireproof products for fireproof windows and established Yingkou Hangxing. Industrial Co., Ltd. The company occupies an area of ​​more than 25,000 square meters, registered capital of more than 50 million yuan, 25 sets of professional manufacturing equipment, and 5 production lines. It has established professional laboratories that meet the national standards and is equipped with various types of professional testing equipment.
The company has eight fire-fighting products: 1. High-rate fire-proof expansion sealing strips 2. Cladding-type fireproof expansion sealing strips 3. High-rate fire-resistant expanded graphite rods 4. High-temperature fire-resistant slivers 5. High-temperature and fireproof Glass gasket 6, Nano composite heat insulation rod 7, Insulation fireproof pouring material 8, High temperature resistant fireproof steel corner
The company's products are suitable for fireproof windows, fire-resistant windows, fire doors, security doors and other door and window curtain wall industries. And in the high-speed rail, subway, ships, cables and other fields are also widely used.
The company's products have eight major functions: 1, fire prevention 2, smoke prevention 3, anti-collision 4, sealing 5, anti-fog and haze 6, sound insulation 7, pest control 8, wind characteristics.
Company series products have passed:
1. The Ministry of Public Security fire-fighting product conformity assessment center CCC certification.
2. Inspection and certification of the National Fireproof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
3, the national fixed fire extinguishing system and fire-resistant components quality supervision and inspection center inspection and certification.
4, ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.
5. Obtained the Patent Number of Utility Model Patent issued by the State Patent Office: ZL 2016 2 0107224.7.
6. At the same time, this product is underwritten by PICC China People's Insurance Company.
The above qualifications ensure the superior performance and superior quality of each series of products produced by the company. Established the leading enterprise position in the industry.
The company's location is close to ports, highways, high-speed rail, and airports. The sea and air transportation is well developed, which is conducive to the development of international and domestic markets. The products produced have been exported to Russia, South Korea, South Africa, the European Union and many other countries and regions in the world. The domestic marketing network has spread all over the country.
Yingkou Hangxing Industrial Co., Ltd. always adheres to the principle of “scientific and technological innovation, serving the public”, with the tenet of high quality, high reputation, high speed, and high service, relying on an experienced technical team to meet your different needs. Tailor-made your own safety fire protection products and provide first-class 24/7 value-added services.
With a navigator, you can feel at ease! Keep the danger outside the door and leave safety to your family! Yingkou Hangxing Industrial Co., Ltd. all staff sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to buy patrons!