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HX-610 Cover seal
    Publish time 2018-03-02 15:28    

Cover seals are used in the combination of the door and the door leaf to minimize friction when opening the door and reduce damage to the door itself. In the anti-aging, fatigue resistance, compression deformation test, compressive force test, heat transfer K value test, water infiltration, water permeability and other tests have achieved excellent results over all traditional products; the same time, energy-saving environmental protection, Noise and noise reduction, high UV resistance, non-toxicity, no reaction with any paints and cleaners, caters to the new era of green health topics. It has excellent adhesive effect on metal doors of security doors, copper doors and stainless steel doors. It can adapt to the changes of outdoor four-season temperatures. It not only saves 30% of production efficiency, but also is convenient and feasible. The unique V-port design of the sealing strip can effectively solve the common problem of reducing or even invalidating the door sealing effect caused by the deformation and sinking of the door after long-term use of the wooden door. Cover seals are structurally classified and can be classified into self-adhesive and card slot seals for different doors and windows. They are quick and practical in operation and installation; they can be divided into: Article, aluminum window seals, wooden door seals and plastic window seals.